Resident Of Gold Coast Aims To Build Power Station In His Home

Tesla battery in Gold Coast will now become the centre of the news after a male resident from the area decided to purchase six Tesla Powerwall batteries. He is hoping to build a miniature power station at the comfort of his own home. This is the first of this type of project that happened in Australia.

The resident is Clayton Lyndon and he purchased the batteries in the aim to store energy that is gathered by his existing solar panels. The stored energy can then be utilized even at night or in times when the weather is not so sunny.

A local company in Australia conducted the installation and they said that it is the first setup they have done in a residential home. This is also the first one they have heard of in all of Australia. They also considered the project one of the biggest installations in the world for a residential home equipped with Tesla Powerwall.

According to the managing director of the company that conducted the installation, the system in Lyndon’s house is able to generate about 36,355 kWh annually. With this amount, it is possible that ht entire electric bill of the house will be taken care of and it is possible that it will produce more than it can actually utilize.

The managing director also said that the Tesla batteries made it possible for the home to be off the grid and it will also aid in decreasing the carbon emissions aside from the fact that financial savings will eventually be achieved.

He added that it is expected that the customer will be able to save over $13,000 annually in terms of energy bills if he chose to use all the power that is gathered by the solar panels. If full consumption is done, Lyndon will be able to break even from his investment in around four to five years.

The company did not reveal the cost of Lyndon’s installation but the Tesla battery in Gold Coast starts at $13,590. This is only a basic battery along with a solar power package.