Real-Time Technology Can Change The Sport Merchandise Industry

We have seen a lot of variations in terms of corporate merchandise but nothing is more successful then sports merchandise industry because of the number of fans that are willing to support their teams. During a game, fans invest their time and money to watch. For every victory, they are there celebrating full of emotions.

This is what a savvy company based in Washington, D.C. wanted to monetize. The company is making T-shirts with prints of clever as well as designs defining big moments during a game or a message.

The company is BreakingT and their products are known as sports merchandise created in real time. The company designs t-shirts which are then sent for printing and ready to be sold. The designs are based in the latest major event that transpired in the world of sports. The key to their success is their instant creation of the big moments after it happened and while the public are still buzzing about it. The merchandise created in real-time are capitalizing on the passion as well as pride of the fans which drove them to buy the commemorative products.

As seen on the website of Breaking T, they do not have collections or lines. They do not produce permanent products but they make new ones as soon as something big happens that stirred the social media trends.

Jamie Mottram, the president of the company, said that Breaking T focuses on monitoring social data to get new ideas in real time. They also have partnership with media brands that help in marketing the shirts and they get a portion of the revenue. He added that their employees are always exited because everyday their product design is changing and they have no idea what they will launch for a particular day. If something big happens in a late night game, their designers are also awake all night creating designs based on that.

This new approach might change the scene for sports merchandise but the industry of corporate merchandise is still waiting for a new innovation that will shake its core.