Perth Prepares For National Pet Adoption Day

Next month is an exciting time for small and big animals in Perth that are looking for their forever home. Locals who are planning to adopt are already planning for Perth security screens to ensure the animals are always safe.

This February’s adoption event is a yearly activity organized in Perth. This is the fifth consecutive year for the National Pet Adoption Day. For this particular year, they are hoping to give a new home to around a thousand animals all over the country.

The event is organized through the partnership of PET stock and Pet Rescue, an adoption site. According to John Bishop, one of the founders of Pet Rescue, people who are looking to adopt should not base on the pet’s look alone but they should appreciate the different personalities of the animals.

Bishop said that their pet Cocoa was also saved from the pound. It was his partner, Sydney, who adopted the dog more than six years ago. Cocoa was misunderstood by people, and she is only one of the many, because she seemed scary and very aggressive. The truth is that she is only looking for humans to give her some cuddles.

The campaign for 2019 is all about removing labels from the animals so that people will not judge based on the breed of the animal alone. In the week prior to the National Pet Adoption Day, the animals up for adoption will be listed on the website of Pet Rescue but there will be no labels included regarding the breed.

Mr. Bishop revealed that each year, 200,000 pets are left in pounds all over Australia because the owners did not claim them. He added that rescue pets are ideal because they are already a little older or adult therefore their personalities are already evident.

Vickie Davy, Bishop’s co-founder, said that people have different lifestyle but they will be able to find one pet among these abandoned animals that will complement their lifestyle.

Future pet owners should install Perth security screens before February 9 which is the National Pet Adoption Day to have it ready when their pet comes home.