Orchid Lovers Meet At World Orchid Conference

In many Thai homes, gardens and resorts, orchids are happily grown as ornamental plants. Orchids are abundant throughout the year and you can see their flowers during January and again in August. Flower lovers all over the world usually deal with orchid wholesalers in Thailand so that they can bring beauty to their own outdoor space.

Every 3 years, plant lovers all over the world enjoy the opportunity to gather for a grand event that showcases the best of the orchid kingdom. The World Orchid Conference started in St. Louis, MO in 1954 and since then the event has taken place in Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver and Johannesburg. This year, the host city is Ecuador.

Attendees have 5 days of lectures, exhibits and sales opportunities. They gathered downstairs for the opportunity to view the breathtaking orchid exhibits wherein local favourite Ecuagenera orchids displayed more than 1,000 species and hybrids. Many of the hybrids came from a wide range of genera with many of them from Ecuador. The audiences were given the opportunity to view the flowers closely because the event organizers arranged the plants in long 3-tiered benches at eye level.

Taiwan Orchid Growers Association that was selected as the 2020 World Orchid Conference host displayed tall trees of yellow and pink Phalaenopsis. Their display became the crowd favourite because of it was almost impossible to count the flowers that looked like a mass of colours. However, the best orchid display belonged to Thailand. The over-the-top display featured large groups of showy hybrids in a natural woodsy setting complete with mosses and ferns.

Thailand orchid growers did not include Phalaenopsis in their display because the hybrids represented those that are commonly grown by Thai farmers like dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums and Vandas. Most of the ardent orchid enthusiasts were impressed by the Thai display because of the exceptional volume of blooming flowers.

Orchid enthusiasts will not think twice of travelling to Thailand to get hold of beautiful orchid specie. A better and more efficient option is orchid wholesalers in Thailand who are willing to deliver the flowers worldwide. Aside from orchids, tropical plants, roses, lilies, hydrangeas and anthuriums are also available.