Orange County Welcomes Single Stream Recycling

There is a new recycling scheme introduced in Orange County and they have officially followed this news program. The campaign is made possible with County Waste. This is only applicable to residents of the county and construction sites need to hire junk hauling Orange County in order to dispose their wastes properly.

The scheme is called single stream program. With this new recycling program, residents have the option to organize all their recyclables and deliver to any of the 26 recycling bins that are located in five different areas all over the county.

The location with the most number of recycling bins can be found in Lake of the Woods. There are five bins in two locations – Barboursville and Porter Road while four were placed in Orange town and Locust Grove.All locations are accepting recyclables such as plastic products, paper, cardboard, metal, aluminum and glass.

Aaron Caine, the public works director of the county, said that the officials are worried about the sustainability of the program they were using before. This is the main reason why they need to replace it with a new scheme. They were glad to be able to arrange with County Waste and the county will not be paying additional for the new recycling system.

Caine said that they took the chance in order to find an alternative solution. This is when they found out about County Waste and the program they are offering called single stream.Through this, residents will no longer have to organize their recyclables and sort them into different materials. They just need to dispose them on the provided bins.

Caine added that homeowners will no longer have to keep separate boxes for their recyclables and they no longer have to separate them at home. They will only need one container where they can keep all the materials to be recycled and deliver them to the designated recycling bins.

He is positive that the residents will be receptive of the new program because everyone in the county is passionate when it comes to recycling. Developers are not allowed to use the bins but hire a firm that will handle junk hauling Orange County for all their garbage and debris on site.