Online Shopping Can Be Safely

Next month is the season of giving and this is when online shopping websites have the highest traffic and sales. This is the time to shop for gifts and the traffic and crowd can be quite bad when you go to the malls to do the shopping yourself. That is if you even have time to spare with parties left and right. This is why many consumers prefer to go online shopping because they have more options, they have the freedom for courier comparisons and they can pay based on their own terms.

Of course, it also has its risks in terms of online security.That is why it is important to know the measures you have to take in order to avoid becoming a victim. Only do online shopping with website you are familiar with or those that are most used by the public. It is important to click only links from trusted sites.

If you are using your credit card to purchase online, make sure to check that the website has a lock before the address bar. This is the SSL encryption or secure sockets layer. Websites with padlock at the top of browser starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP alone. Websites that are not HTTPS are often indicated as “not secure” by Google Chrome browser.

You must keep in mind that you are online therefore anything you share will remain on the internet. When you are online shopping, you are not required to give your Social Security number nor do you need to fill up the date of your birthday. Scammers who get this kind of information along with your credit card number can do a whole lot of damage to you financially. You can even be a victim of identity theft if you are not extra careful with your online transactions. Remember that even the most secure sites experience cyber attacks.

Lastly, do not forget the check your statement every now and then. Do not just wait for the bill to come at your doorstep. As soon as you spot fraudulent charges, you can rectify it. When you shop, make sure to check courier comparison and choose also the most reliable courier company for your precious items.