Office works Australia Acquires Geeks2U

Office works, an Aussie home and office supplies franchise, is working hard to expand its service offerings, adding computer repair services to its portfolio with its recent acquisition of Geeks2U, a technology solutions and electronics repair business, in the last week of February.

Following the merger, Geeks2U will continue to operate as an independent entity for the foreseeable future, though Office works will be working to slowly integrate the bran into their store network and website, with the aim of creating a one stop shop for Office works customers and their technological needs.

Geeks2U operates by letting customers book independent IT technicians to respond to a booking, whether in their homes or their businesses, where they can handle tech issues, like computer repair services, work on smaller, more mobile devices, or handle tasks like e-mail or data backup.

The acquisition was announced by the company on the very first day of March, Friday, and is aimed at complimenting Office works’ current IT service offerings, where they charge businesses a monthly fee in exchange for providing technicians to the to provide remote support, hardware installation, as well cloud storage and other software needs.

Managing Director Sarah Hunter, Office works, says that customers can call Geeks2U or ask for a call-back if they stumble into a tech problem. Someone from the company will then talk to them to figure out their needs, asking them any necessary information in order to provide an accurate assessment of the matter and provide a quote, before scheduling an appointment for the customer and bringing in an expert technician to deal with the matter.

Hunter described the service’s range, saying that it covers hardware tasks, like properly setting up a wireless network at home, or installation, or software tasks like repairing operating systems.

Geeks2U Founders David and Michael Hancock, who have led the company since its founding in Sydney back in 2005, will continue to lead the computer repair services company. The two have released a statement on the matter, saying that they’re excited to work with Office works, which will bring to the table its resources as a national business that’s been operating for two-and-a-half decades.