NYC Map Of $1 Lots Sold To Developers

The most widely used maps today are road maps or navigational maps that help travelers determine the right direction to a certain destination. Another option is Illustrated Map that helps you get from Point A to Point B or what many refer to as bird’s eye view map. However, there are also maps that define borders for lands, buildings and infrastructure.

A new map was created by 596 Acres, a group advocating public access to public utilities. 596 Acres is a priceless resource for residents to fight blight wherein public vacant lands are sold for very low prices instead of being turned into community gathering spaces and gardens. Details of transactions are the subject of the new map in New York City.

Since January 1, 2014 when Mayor Bill de Blassio took office in New York City, 202 city-owned lots were sold for $1 each to housing developers. According to the website of One Dollar Lots some of the land have gone to organizations that were providing important and valuable work for communities. Permanent homes were developed for households in the extremely low income group including shelters for the LGBT youth.

However, some of the lots went to for-profit housing developers that are building “affordable” apartments which are actually too expensive for locals to rent. In 2015, New York Daily News reported the building in question has 123 units with 73 to be rent out at market rate and 25 reserved for residents earning more than 60% of the area median income. 24 units are available for tenants earning 130% of area median income.

The map showcases the wide range of buyers that are taking advantage of the $1 lots. The properties were color-coded based on whether they have gone to a for-profit developer or non-profit organization. More details are provided by clicking on the colored dots.

If you need a map that is not created with accuracy of scale in mind, your best choice would be the Illustrated Map that is not drawn according to strict scale but shows architectural images, buildings and constructions and landscape to create the feeling of immediate recognition. Prominent parts of the landscape are highlighted to make the map an artwork.