Northeast Mansion To Have Wedding Marquee

If you are living in the United Kingdom you might be ecstatic with this news but if you are in Australia you can still hire marquee in Melbourne to recreate the atmosphere of the Elsick House. According to news sources, David Carnegie who is the cousin of the Queen and currently the Duke of Fife has submitted plans to install a marquee at the northeast mansion for the duration of the summer season. The marquee will be used to host weddings for those who want the historic house to be a part of it.

Based on the planning documents that were submitted to the Aberdeenshire Council, the marquee will be installed outside the property which is located close to the Newtonhill and it will remain erect to accommodate weddings during the warmer months.

The Duchess of Fife, none other than Caroline, said that they wanted the marquee to remain standing for the whole summer season to avoid the hassle of having to erect it every time for an event. This means that the marquee will be available from April until September of this year.

Planning documents revealed that the marquee will measure 36 by 12 metres and will be erected outside the main building of the Elsick property.

Caroline shared that it was already over three years ago when they decided to open the doors of Elsick House to accommodate corporate events as well as for exclusive use. Now they want to share the secluded spot to those who are planning a special event which is beneficial to many since it is near the city centre. The surrounding countryside area is also quite large with a total of 1,500 acres.

The garden has high walls and has lawns as well as flowerbeds. Ever since, the area has been popular choice for erecting marquee but those were previously for single-use only.

The Duchess revealed that they have over 20 bookings for wedding this year therefore it is more sensible for them to have the marquee all throughout the summer than install it before each occasion. Couples in Australia can draw inspiration and hire marquee in Melbourne as long as the venue allows outdoor installation.