Nightly Curfew Lifted In Koh Samui

A nightly curfew has now been lifted in Koh Samui holiday homes and other nearby places in the island. It is considered peaceful and protest-free against politics, but the curfew will still remain in Bangkok and elsewhere within the country. This is a very big problem for major businesses and attractions near the beautiful beaches. Some visitors in Thailand had been decreasing their visits due to the imposition of the law that resulted in a coup which raises concern on tourist and industry officials. Tourism is very important in the country because it is 7% of the country’s economy. On the other side of Koh Samui, lies a Gulf coast island named Koh Phangan which Wannee Thaipanich, the President of the Tourism Promotion Association, sent a letter to the local government military to ease the curfew to allow the flow of tourist to boom. It’s for the sake of the island’s income, to continue a full moon party on June 12 that would be allowed to continue all night.

Most of the popular beach resort in Phuket has been an exception for the curfew by the military, which prompted for the street and beaches to be lacking of people and being so calm in the last few days, which what has always been full of people partying. But it hasn’t stopped big businesses from accepting guests and some of the tradings are still going on regularly despite the strict curfew in most part of the city. Some national and international television channels were also temporarily banned from broadcasting in some parts of the country. From midnight to 4am in the morning, the curfew will remain in the capital of Bangkok for the time being, despite the disappoint from hotel, bar and restaurant owners. The curfew is really a pain in the ass for the owners of five-star hotels in the city which urges them to temporarily close their business because they weren’t able to fill it up. It is really bad for such establishment to run their services every day, which costs highly for daily expenses such as electricity, water and employee’s pay.