New York City Mayor Urges Americans To Continue With Their Protests

After it became apparent that Trump won the presidential elections, many Americans protested against the results citing the president elect’s most recent comments regarding the reversal of the Supreme Court’s verdict in Roe vs. Wade on abortion and the recent appointment of Stephen Bannon as the chief strategist.

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, a Democrat urged Americans to continue with their protests and let their voices be heard opposing Trump’s policies. Trump has announced that immediate deportation of 3 million undocumented immigrants, limitations of abortion rights and prevention of Muslims from entering the United States. Americans also protested the appointment of Banner, the former chairman of right-wing news site Breitbart news to the presidential cabinet.

According to de Blasio, it is not right for an organization that has close links to white supremacists to have a representative in the White House. In an interview with local radio station Hot 97, de Blasio said that Americans have to recognize that the more disruptions that have been caused peacefully, the more that the trajectory of things will be changed. On Twitter, the mayor of New York City tweeted that Trump’s fake populist closing argument is a bold approach for someone who got rich screwing over countless working families across the US.

De Blasio being a Democrat backed Hilary Clinton in the presidential elections. He hopes to cope up with Trump’s presidency by implementing lessons of inclusion that he learned while growing up in the Big Apple. The mayor also vowed to act against federal government plans for the deportation of undocumented immigrants who are currently staying in New York City. Trump has to be held accountable for anything that would cause hate and division among Americans. According to de Blasio, the more extreme Trump is the more that people will fight back, the more that it takes away his power.

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