New Jersey Residents Unhappy With The Outcome Of The Environmental Lawsuit Against Exxon

With different issues on water arising today, services provided by companies like the Pro Jet Plumbing & Drainage are highly in demand. Water issues and concern of factories and the general public could sometimes lead to cases pursued in courts like what happened in New Jersey.

Recently, a pollution lawsuit in New Jersey was settled with Exxon Mobil Corporation asked to compensate the amount of $225 million for the natural resource damage that it did to the 1,500 acres of marshes, wetlands and waters at the refinery sites where Exxon once owned in Linden and Bayonne. The amount would seem to be voluminous but according to environmentalist and other concerned citizens’ group, the amount that was approved by the state judge was not a fair deal nor was is it aligned with the interest of the public and reasonable.

The outcome of the longstanding legal battle in the state of New Jersey had environmental groups as well as state and federal politicians alike to sharply criticize the current administration for accepting just a fraction of the damages that the state had suffered for some time and for the bigger amount that the state had hoped for.

However, in the 81 page opinion by the judge who handled the case, Judge Michael J. Hogan of the Superior Court stated that although the amount is far smaller compared to the $8.9 billion worth of damages of the natural environment, the payment of Exxon represents a fair compromise given that the company had already shelled out a lot of money during the litigation.

The decision of the Superior Court was immediately criticized. A lawyer of the Natural Resources Defense council, Margaret Brown filed for a friend-of-the-court brief which opposed the deal said that the outcome of the battle was a multibillion-dollar gift of the Governor Christie to the stockholders of Exxon Mobil at the expense of the residents of New Jersey.

Mr. Christie has publicly defended this deal with Exxon and told the judge handling the case that it was only because of the active pursuit of his administration that Exxon finally offered to settle with a significant amount for the lawsuit.