New Café In Bangkok Will Make You Think About Death

One of the most popular craze in Bangkok nowadays is the opening of cafes with specific and unique themes. This is why we are not surprised when a new café with death theme has opened in the capital city. The café will surely catch the attention of guests at convenient hotel in Sukhumvit as it presents a Buddhist twist on death that is quite unearthly. The main aim of the business is to encourage customers to face their mortality which might lead to them living better lives.

The menu lists drinks such as painful and death while there is a skeleton displayed in one of the corners of the café. The name of the café is Kid Mai Death Café and it located in an open-air setting. The centerpiece of the café is the white coffin wherein customers can lie down for a short while as they think about their final hours. Conquering this task will earn them a discount from their order.

According to one of the customers, Duanghatai Boonmoh, she feels like she was attending a funeral as she enjoys the death smoothie with chocolate-flavour. She decided to try the white coffin along with a number of curious customers and the lid is sealed as soon as they have lied down.

Duanghatai said that the first thing she felt was fear that no one will take the lid off forever. She relates the feeling to the thought of someone who knows they are dying.

Veeranut Rojanaprapa, the owner of the café, is a professor as well as a social researcher. He views his café to convey a deeper compared to other uniquely themed-café in the capital. He wanted the Thai people to experience death awareness as majority of them, 90 per cent, are following the Buddhist teaching.

He added that research has found that people who are aware of death are less prone to greediness and anger. He thinks that practicing the try ideas of a Buddhist is the key to solving the chronic problems in the country such as corruption and violence. Aside from death café, guests at convenient hotel in Sukhumvit can also try other themed-cafes such as unicorn and mermaid while others offer up close interaction with cats, meerkat and husky.