New Bangkok-Pattaya Train Line Will Allow For Easy Trips

Bangkok and Pattaya are popular destinations for travellers headed for Thailand, and many have always hoped to get between the two popular destinations. That has always been an issue, made impossible due to the distance between the two places, forcing travellers who want to visit Pattaya 150km to the southeast of Bangkok, to look for any special room promotion Pattaya in order to stay the night.

Oratai Suwannatas, the State Railway of Thailand’s Tourism Marketing Executive, says that timing make a one-day trip from Bangkok to Pattaya or vice versa possible. He explains that the Bangkok train that heads for Pattaya leaves in the morning and reaches Pattaya at 11:20am, whilst the only train that goes from Pattaya to Bangkok leaves about 2 hours later, at 1:35pm.

However, this may soon become a thing of the past, as the SRT is working on a new Bangkok-Pattaya train route, which is scheduled for operations sometime in the second half of March in order to boost Thailand’s tourism industry. The train route will, initially, be on a trial run for six-months, during which it will only be operating twice a day on the weekends, leaving Bangkok at 6:30am, arriving at Pattaya by 9am. The return trip from Pattaya leaves at 3:50pm, and arrives at the Thai capital by 6:50pm, foregoing the need to have special room promotion Pattaya for any short trips to and from the capital.

Unlike the older train models running from the capital to Pattaya, this new train will have full air-conditioning, and will be faster than the regular trains; reaching the stations an hour quicker. If the train passes the trial run with flying colours, the train will then go into full-operation, becoming a permanent fixture of Pattaya and Bangkok.

Thailand’s tourism industry has been growing steadily the past few years, with international visitors in the country reaching a total of 35M visitors in 2017, with the growth forecasted to continue in the future. Notably, the country is also expecting at least 300,000 Chinese tourists for its celebration of Lunar New Year, from February 15 to 21, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.