Neptune Wine Bar Opens On High Street

A new wine bar has recently opened on High Street, Windsor; the Neptune Wine Bar, which focuses on European and Mediterranean cuisine, served in the classic style to familiar methods, save for one notable aspect regarding premium canned seafood.

The new wine bar was a joint business venture between Nic Coulter, Simon Blacher, and brothers Dave and Michael Parker. Coulter and Blacher had already worked on prior business ventures, cooperating with the Hannoi Hannah and Saigon Sally restaurants. The former specializes in Vietnamese street food, and is located along Victoria Street, whilst the latter goes for more influenced and refined variants of Vietnamese dishes. The Parker brothers, meanwhile, own and operate CBD’s  Pastuso and San Telmo restaurants, which serve authentic South American food.

According to Nic Coulter, the four of them decided to open up the Neptune Bar after talking with one another and learning that they all shared a passion for European Cuisine of all sorts, which became the vision that led to the bar as it is now.

Blacher describes the menu as being varied and approachable, with options paying respects to different kinds of Mediterranean cuisine such as sardines, frittomisto (fried seafood), and a rotation of different kinds of pastas.

Blacher adds that that the new bar isn’t doing anything particularly bold or daring, save for using premium canned seafood. The’Tinned’ food of Neptune’s menu features seafood from regions of Northwest Spain, made with the finest ingredients, and picked from a variety of canneries across the country.

Parker has made some recommendations, saying that the canned seafood works well with albariño, a type of white wine originating from Northern Spain.

The bar’s interior is designed for a moody atmosphere, with nice, warm lighting, dark timber bar stools and furnishing, contributing to a dark aesthetic that contrasts with the bar’s exposed-brick walls.

The owners have stated that their intention for the design and the bar is to create a place where people can come in and relax, enjoying the food and wine on timber bar stools, or near the fireplace. As an added appeal, the bar also has a policy: any unfinished liquor may be stored at a whisky locker in the bar, safe until the customer’s next visit.