Mayor Promised To Fund Repair Of Boiler At Dove lands School

After a warning was sent by the headteacher regarding closing the school during winter season due to their faulty boiler, an assurance was send that it will soon be fixed through the refurbishment plan planned for schools with multimillion pound budget.

The headteacher of Dovelands Primary School located in Western Park is Sara McAdam. She sent a letter to the parents about the boiler repairs that has been pending for a while now with no solution from the Leicester City Council.

According to Ms. McAdam, the council knows about the broken boiler since March of this year and they have already notified Sir Peter Soulsby, the mayor of the city yet the problem remains unsolved.

During a recent council meeting, the problem was brought forward by Su Barton, a councilor from the Western ward. She asked the city mayor about his stand on the matter and his message for the parents who are worried about it.

Sir Peter answered that the council is already on the process of signing a schools capital programme which will grant 24 primary schools along with two secondary schools with an investment of 4.31 million pounds in the next few months. The money will cover extensive heating as well as boiler works which is currently needed by Dovelands.

The mayor further clarified that his office is in-charge of maintaining over 200 boilers in different school premises and he is aware that these cause problems most of time. He has already been briefed that the three boilers inside Dovelands do not have issues with the main boiler but rather the fault lies with the control systems.

He is aware that this issue has been going on and off for quite some time now. They were able to fix it whenever the problem arises and ever since the mayor received no declaration that the school will close down because of the boiler issue.

Furthermore, the mayor is aware of the problems with the primary school since he has at least one grandchild enrolled there for the past seven years. Boiler problems are quite common during winter therefore visit the website linked here in order to have your system checked before anything goes wrong.