Legalization Requested By Inns And Guesthouses In Chiang Mai

In order to legally operate a business in Thailand, one must be registered and comply with the requirements by the local government. The same goes for the best restaurant in Chiang Mai wherein they have to obtain the necessary licenses and certificates. For the past few years, it has been announced that the government is conducting measures in order to counter illegal operating accommodations including guesthouses and inns.

Many accommodations have been caught for operating without proper registration. Recently, a petition has been started by 200 accommodation owners including guesthouses and small hotels in the Muang district of Chiang Mai. They are requesting that the court assist them as they apply to legalize their operations. In order to facilitate the petition, they came together to hire a group of lawyers who are experienced with the case. Aside from their lawyers, they are also consulting related agencies for legal issues.

Aside from their legalization, these establishments are also knocking on the authorities to transform Chiang Mai City into a Special Economic Zone.

Phra Anon Wisuttho is the abbot of Wat Lam Chang and also acting leader of the community. He said that 10 guesthouses as well as hotels in the area have faced arrest because of the operations they are doing and for doing businesses with legal papers based on the Hotel Act 2004. The same accommodations are offering tourists with budget friendly rooms especially during peak seasons when there are festivals to be held.

One of the guesthouse operators said that the existing law is not for the people who wanted to earn some cash by transforming their establishments into accommodations offering daily rental options. The operator added that in order to meet the standards, they must renovate their properties which could cost a lot of money. He added that in order for them to finish all the requirements, they must have around 1 million baht to pay for the processing.

With all that being said and done, there is no guarantee that they will be granted a license. The petition was already submitted to the Administrative Court and many businesses including best restaurant in Chiang Mai are hoping they are able to succeed in their endeavour.