Judge Rules Man Who Fell From Bleacher As Eligible To Sue Cortland Co. Racetrack

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Just recently, a man was injured after falling from a bleacher while watching a race at Cortland Co. Racetrack and the reason is because the man had a heart attack. But what’s intriguing about this incident is when a judge had ruled that the man who fell from the bleacher may be able to sue the Cortland Country raceway even when the man had signed a safety waiver prior to his accident.

The reason for this is because the safety waiver only protects the raceway, Skyline Raceway, from injuries that occur during the dangerous sport of racing.
George Stevens was only a spectator. He was not one of the racers who were participating in the sprint car race, he only came to watch. But when he suffered a heart attack, there was no one to stop him from falling from the bleachers, most likely because there were no railings.

The significance of this incident is that is gives light to how businesses cannot completely protect themselves from lawsuits proving even safety waivers have their limitations.

The lawyer of George Stevens said that the fact that the bleachers had no railings is already a code violation and if the bleachers had railings, Stevens would not have fallen even when he was suffering from a heart attack.

Unfortunately for Stevens, he was paralyzed from the waist down.

To settle the case, Skyline Raceway has agreed to give Stevens an unspecified amount. But Stevens’ lawyer said that the company does not have a sufficient insurance to cover what they truly owed to his client which is about millions of dollars, thus proving that it is in a company’s best interest to invest heavily on insurances so that when crisis arise, they would be able to have a backup.