Increasing Awareness Of The Target Market For Scotland Tourism Industry

It is undeniable that the tourism industry in Scotland has helped the nation grown and builds a stronger economy. As the nation is blesses with natural wonders, travelers from across the globe are drawn to the majestic sights in the country. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Europe. But while the tourism industry in Scotland is in an upswing momentum, it has to revisit its strategy from time to time in order to know the needs of the market and provide for them. Competition also is stiff and like in any business endeavor, Scotland has to make effort in knowing their market and build a sustainable tourism ground in the country.

Scotland is advocating in increasing aware of their target and they use the following methods:

  • Use available intelligence report from the market in order to understand better what motivates travelers to visit the country and what their expectations are; they should be able to respond appropriately through tailored marketing plans
  • Integrate the market efforts of the different business sectors in order to promote an authentic experience and make greater use of Scotland’s tourism brand across business establishments in both local and national level; take advantage of the rise of digital technology in communicating with customers and in enhancing their experiences when in the country.

It is also another aim of the country to build sustainable tourism by:

  • Achieving sustainable economic growth by their market driven approach; maximize their potential efficiency by looking for practices that will benefit the business; grow business income throughout the year and not just during peak seasons; make the habit of using local provenance whenever possible, drawing from the unique culture of Scotland in order to create unique and distinct tourism experiences for the visitors.

So far, the tourism industry in Scotland has heeded the call in creating authentic experience for guests and travelers. In the hospitality sector, more and more businesses are incorporating Scottish roots and traditions in catering to their customers. Even luxury cottages Aviemore and other holiday cottages ensure that their customers are treated with warm Scottish hospitality.