Importance Of Third Party Boiler Inspections To Prevent Explosions

In the state of Missouri, there is a uniform regulation for boiler safety. One of the regulations includes periodic inspections to be performed by state inspectors or insurance companies. However, the city of St. Louis is exempt from the Missouri Law. It requires companies to have a stationary licensed engineer onsite where a high pressure boiler is operated.

Deviation from national boiler safety standards were revealed when the boiler of Loy-Lange Box Co shot into the air and crashed 500 feet away into the offices of Faultless Healthcare Linen. Of the three stationary engineers that were employed by the box company, one was killed. The other two fatalities were not named.

The cause of the boiler explosion is being investigated by the St. Louis Fire Department and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration but there were no details on the factors that caused the explosion. There was no information if the boiler was inspected by an insurance company and issued a certificate of safety which would have been an acceptable process.

According to the city of St. Louis, the system it uses to regulate boiler operation is safe because of the mandate to assign licensed engineers to operate boilers. Inspection is also being done constantly instead of annually. It is not in the best interest of the company to disregard regulations because they can lose their license to operate.

However, boiler safety experts strongly disagreed with St. Louis’ assessment because operating and inspecting a boiler is not the same. The city must have an inspection team for boilers and pressure vessels just like every state in the US. St. Louis belongs to the minority that has not provided for inspections on set frequencies. A third party inspector will be more objective. The city of St. Louis will benefit from this regulation that it can impose to companies using boilers in their operations.

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