How You Can Start A Staffordshire Business With Success

If you want to start a Staffordshire business, you first need to approach the Stafford Enterprise for a private advice and support. This Enterprise had been in business since 1987 and is a non-profit making company that runs in conjunction with the Chambers of Commerce. They are manned with skillful and experienced team of business advisers that can surely help people interested in setting up and running a business in Staffordshire. People just need to be more patient and persevere to create a new plan for their business.

The Start-up Programme

Setting up a Staffordshire business will need a five stage, fully funded and national award-winning business start-up programme. The aspiring entrepreneur will need to complete the training, advice, support and commercial investment. Here, they are asked to access free workshops covering the basics of business to include business planning, cashflow forecasting and marketing.

They will also be scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with a proficient business adviser, who offers guidance and recommendations to ensure the business starts with a strong footing. The workshops and one-on-ones are helpful to provide the relevant tools to make your business really successful. If you want to participate in this arrangement, you can contact the Stafford Enterprise’s designated phone number or schedule for an appointment at their reception.

Few Staffordshire residents have been helped with their businesses and below are some comments they have mentioned about the programme:

  • Kelly Copeland of Cool Cat Collars claims that she has received an ample support from the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, and that they have helped her manage her business rather than just work for it.


  • Ben Roberts of Cedar Tree Chiropractic says he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend someone he knows to the Chambers of Commerce where he actually suggested some of his patients to contact them for support. It’s certainly a great way to start a Staffordshire business in the area and be able to obtain profits.


  • Roger Whitehouse of Horizon Teaching says the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce helped him initiate his Staffordshire business. Their honest, open and informative advice helped him greatly to navigate the technologies of starting a business.