How Wide-Format Impacted The Commercial Printing Industry

The commercial printing industry nowadays, as recognized by a company that creates corporate signage in Brisbane, is witnessed to have taken a new path with the wide-format output. It is their way of introducing something new on top of the traditional offerings in order for the industry to profit.

Wide-format output using digital technology has different positive points which make it a good prospect for many businesses. Right from the start, it belongs under graphic reproduction which is a field that commercial printing businesses are familiar with.

Similar to packaging, wide-format output can create various productsincluding retail POP, signs, banners and displays without the fear of turning obsolete due to the Internet. Commercial shops recognize that presence of the existing market when it comes to wide-format products. If their current customers are still outsourcing from other companies for their wide-format needs, they no longer have to do so because majority of commercial printing businesses are already equipped with this capacity.

For commercial shops that were already using production equipment, they might have already the means before they even decided to purchase a dedicated machine for wide-format printing. The challenge does not lie in acquiring the printing hardware alone because there is more to the process.

According to the CMO of Dome Printing in California, Bob Poole, the new equipment purchased does not guarantee the best quality format. In order to succeed with this new endeavour, one must have the right financial support, skills in colour management, strategic planning, technology, physical space and finishing capability.

If this is done properly, wide-format printing can be rewarding in terms of profit. Based on a survey from six of the leading commercial printing firms, their current revenues rely greatly in wide-format production as it covers between 20 and 60 per cent. These companies believe that its shares will only continue to grow as the years pass by.

A partner in a New York printing firm called Influence Graphics, Ron Sizemore, said that they are getting higher demands for wide-printing format. It is also true with a company that produces corporate signage in Brisbane as their revenue continues to increase with the demand.