How Unity Impact Tropical Tourism In Queensland

Tourism is what keeps many economies floating from hotel accommodations, private chartered services, local business flourishing and local resident getting more jobs. This is why tourism campaign is a very sensitive and important topic among regions that rely greatly on its revenue.

Tara Bennett, the executive officer of Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree, has noted that when regions are working as one for the tourism campaign entitled Tropical North Queensland, the resulting effect is stronger. The executive officer’s comment came after the statement released by Kevin Byrne, executive manager of Enterprise North. The sentiment is opposite from Bennett because Byrne believes that the tourism campaign of Cairns would have been stronger if they were to launch a separate from the branding of Tropical North Queensland.

Ms. Bennett added that the comments by Mr. Byrne only shows that it is essential, now more than ever, for local tourism groups to work with the bigger framework of the tourism industry. As of the moment, Cairns do not own their own banner similar to Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree or TPDD because the city belongs to the banner of Tourism Tropical North Queensland or TTNQ.

She further explained that this proves how large the gap Cairns needs to overcome since it do not manage its own tourism body. It is essential for the city to possess a regional branding handled by a regional body within the TTNQ brand in order for them to share a bigger story to the public.

There are several areas covered by the TTNQ brand including The Daintree, the Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, the Cassowary Coast and Port Douglas and Mossman.  Ms. Bennett is positive that if Cairns is to have its own tourism body locally that it will have a negative effect on the activities as well as the tourism message trying to convey by Port Douglas and Daintree.

In conclusion, she believes that they have a strong brand that is recognized by many not just domestically but also globally. This is why many tourists are booking hotels and private chartered services in the area because of the stand-alone brand they trust.