How To Make Sure That You Are Buying Quality Whiskey

For the connoisseurs, it is important to choose the best whiskey drinking glasses that will allow them to enjoy its unique flavor. Different varieties of whiskey glasses have been developed through the years with some of them totally unique. However, as interest in whiskey improved, the focus was placed on glasses that will enhance flavor.

There are different brands of whiskey today but sometimes you will come across something that tastes terrible. There is nothing worse than buying a bottle of whiskey for $50 each only to realize that you have paid for the label.

If you a fan of American whiskey, how can you protect yourself and ensure that you are buying a great whiskey that is produced by a skilled distiller with great experience? Fortunately for whiskey drinkers, there is a 19th century law, the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 that is still relevant today.

Buyers should beware when searching for whiskey because bourbon and Tennessee whiskey regulations are quite loose. There is a difference in straight whiskey and Bottled-in-Bond. Straight whiskey may have a blend of aged distillates or a blend of different distillers from the same state.

Meanwhile, Bottled-in-Bond whiskies have requirements to make sure that people are buying high quality whiskey. It is required that the whiskey must be a product of one distillery and not multiple lots of whiskies that were blended together. The particular distiller must be listed including the year and distilling season.

Distilling seasons are either Spring (January to June) or Fall (July to December). Spring 2015 Bottled-in-Bond whiskey can include whiskies that were distilled from January through June of the calendar year. Distillers do not like this idea because it is more difficult to smooth out variations but enthusiasts consider it as an original way to determine some of the variety that is inherent to the distilling process.

For many people, enjoying the flavor of whiskey has become more important than ever.  This is the reason why the best whiskey drinking glasses were developed. The best whiskey glass must allow the person to experience the full flavor while letting only the harsh alcoholic vapors to escape.