How To Describe Urban Map Illustration?

Maps have been part of human history since long time ago. Few of the early conceptual maps like those followed by Columbus and Vasco da Gamma have been considered equally important as the declaration of independence in history. Maps have become user-friendly in the past decades, that a map’s average user can just be walking or driving around the streets, just like what noble voyager Marco Polo did. Maps are the most recent approach to better understand and explore the world. An urban map illustration today is beautifully drawn, with pictorial representation of places and small details. These types of maps are best utilized by people who can understand them so easily.

The urban map illustration use an artistic representation and technological advancement to be completely utilized. The more realistic the location of the area is, the more important places are depicted so easily. This urban map is best used for travelers who can come to visit the area for the very first time. They don’t need to ask directions from strangers, as it is clearly shown in the map illustration. It’s like being part of the game Amazing Race and travelling the world using this map.

One may need to look at the chief locations and important landmarks when being guided by the illustrated map. They prove to be useful for tourists, people driving the countryside, or students new to the campus. The urban map illustration must provide knowledge and artistic skills to best identify the places to visit. Sometimes, they can be outdated, especially with the change of new landscapes. This is common in urban areas where buildings start to appear and disappear in a matter of months or years.

The map illustration may seem unrealistic too due to its being user-friendly. The distance and scale are shorter due to the placement of popular landmarks to make it clearer. Persons purchasing the urban map illustration must be aware of the pictorial depictions. However, there are maps that can be easily understood, especially when they use satellite imaging and Google Earth. The creation of the map can be a long process, especially when you need images to distinguish the various places.