How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Hotel In Bangkok

If you are planning to have your wedding reception or even the ceremony in a hotel, it is important for you to pick the right wedding hotel in Bangkok in order for the event to be smooth sailing and for it to be generally successful. You can find a lot of hotels in Bangkok that offer wedding events but to ensure that you will have the right one, take a look at these tips:

Check the function rooms

Even if you have a wedding planner or events coordinator, it is important for you to personally check the venue to determine if the guests you have in mind can be accommodated in the hotel. Aside from the tables and chairs, there is space requirement for the tables for food and beverages including space for the dance floor. You surely would want a spacious room where your guests can be comfortable during the event.

Sumptuous food and dishes

The food served at the wedding hotel in Bangkok can break or make your event. You might consider requesting for a food tasting session from the hotel or you might want to try eating at their restaurant for ideas on how good their dishes are.

Experience in wedding ceremonies

Find out if there were weddings conducted at the hotel especially if the hotel is relatively new. This is an important factor because weddings require special attention and details so you would want to have the event in a hotel that is familiar or expert in wedding receptions and other special events. You might want to ask the hotel’s former guests and customers if they were happy with the services provided to them during their own event.

Suitable facilities

Another important aspect to check is the facilities available at the wedding hotel in Bangkok such as its parking space. Find out if they have enough parking area for the number of guests that you intend to invite including the tables and chairs and other amenities that are required during wedding ceremonies and reception. Check the hotel’s website for additional information especially those that relate to weddings and ceremonies.