How To Choose The Best Marquee Hire In Brisbane

Searching for the best marquee hire in Brisbane will make you consider your requirements and budget. But do note that there are several marquees for hire in Brisbane. From private soirees to capricious weddings and luxurious corporate events, they can provide an amazing space that will suit the enjoyment and fun of everyone. You’ll just have to select something that creates a unique experience and lifetime memory. Choose a marquee hire that can create and envision your most memorable events.

The Classic Marquee

If you’re looking for something that suits a variety of events, the classic marquee can have sizes that will really suit your needs. The marquees are great covering for birthday, anniversary, wedding and corporate events that have 150 guests to attend. You can customise the silk-lined marquee with coloured lighting and some flooring options.

The Fairy Light Frame

Some marquee hire in Brisbane offers a popular product which is the fairy light frame. The frame adds a capricious touch to your garden, wedding or corporate dinner event. The frame can be really large and can accommodate 100 guests comfortably. The frame is draped with flowing white fabric and tie backs, which you can customise to suit your colour scheme. If you were to choose the fairy light frame, have it installed in a magnificent rainforest location so he trees can add drama to the colour.

The Ballroom Marquee

This signature marquee is extremely large and can accommodate around 150 people. Here you’ll see a ceiling scalloped with silk and glittering fairy lights that can appeal your guests to the ambiance. It really is an excellent outdoor setting.


If you’re out for an outdoor celebration, choose tipis or tents that can be erected on sand or grass. If the canvas needs to be kept in natural tones, then dress up your tipis elegantly simple. Depending on the size of the marquee hire in Brisbane, it can accommodate 300+ guests or just 50 to 100 guests.

The marquee hire can also help you with the furnishings and decorations of the marquees. They can help you save costs by having everything you need. The choices of marquees can make your event successful. And if you’re having a grand wedding celebration, let your guests completely remember everything.