How To Achieve Optimization For RankBrain According To Experts

As someone who is not adept with how the online world works, you may have a lot of question regarding how does Google work? For a business, ranking on the first page of the Google search engine is a game changer when it comes to traffic and conversion rate. It was almost two year ago when the company made an announcement about the release of their latest ranking program which is machine learning, named RankBrain. Many digital marketers have viewed this new program as a major factor when it comes to ranking but not similar to other factors such as mobile-friendliness and links.

One thing that RankBrain stood out for is its operation which is based in ranking good contents and it is emphasizing the need for websites to publish only quality content. One important fact is that marketers will not be able to technically manipulate RankBrain since it is not a factor.

With more than a year since the release of the program, the SEO community was able to tinker with it, learn from it and experience how it operated. Some experts in the field have quoted that they may already have an idea on how to optimize RankBrain.

  • Creating quality and unique snippets. According to the WordStream’s founder and CTO, Larry Kim, the rates of a websites organic click-through should be improved in order to affect success in a positive manner. He added the suspicion that the Relevance Score in RankBrain is equivalent to the Quality Score in Adwords. Thus if you don’t have a good click-through rating, the best way is to improve the SERP snippets on your site.
  • Follow the experts. According to John Rampton, follow domains that Google treat as an authority on the online world when it comes to site layout and content.
  • Study how keywords can be utilized in content. How does Google work might not be easy to answer but it has been proven time and again in SEO that in order to rank higher, one must think about the keywords they are using.