How Patrick Mahony Teaches You To Handle Office Politics

How Patrick Mahony handles problems concerning office politics, he may question why you fight fire with fire. According to him, it may not be the smartest or most efficient response one can get. So, to know and understand how you should handle one, here are practical tips to turn it positive.

  • Don’t take the problem personally. You may be dealing with insecurities that concern most about them and less about you.


  • If you get into a heated conversation with your colleague, focus on the facts of the conversation. It should prevent you from responding to attacks.


  • When dealing with a highly competitive colleague, spend some time chatting with them and convincing them that you are on the same team and your common goal is the success of the company.


  • If you feel you can’t cope with the problem, let the party know you won’t be back at them for a certain time. You also need to gather thoughts and release the emotion, so you feel better and can compose yourself.


  • Don’t be intimated by office politicians. Rather you need to be assertive to state clearly your thoughts and opinions and not violate what they think.


  • If you have been successful at work, like being nominated as employee of the month, remember to humble yourself and not get the title into your head. You must also be prepared with the tension as a result of the success.


  • Ask yourself the main reason for the problems. If you know the real cause of the problem, you spend less time being frustrated, disappointed and you’ll have the issue resolved in no time.


  • Don’t be depressed or discouraged. Many office politicians will maneuver the situation and may take their own merit. Ensure that you’re doing your job well and that it speaks for itself.


  • If you belong to management and see one of your staff member dabbling with office politics, you need to focus on their behavior that gets them into trouble and relay it in a way that they gain appreciation and confidence. You don’t need to put them in place as it may worsen the situation.

If you were to consult a psychoanalyst like Patrick Mahony, he will help make you understand why there is office politics and how you should handle them wisely.