How Brands Can Help People When Moving

According to a survey, seven out of ten people who relocated said that their mobile phones helped them to stay connected and be reached by people they know after moving. Seven out of ten people said that they used their mobile phones to get media entertainment while they are in the period of moving. Their mobile phones are also useful in searching packing boxes online so they can find deals.

A research conducted by Facebook IQ delved deeper into the feelings of people and how they discuss their move and it was revealed that majority of these homeowners consider their mobile phones as their lifeline during the moving process. A recent survey was conducted with 4,000 participants from all over the UAE, Britain, Poland, Netherlands and France.

The research showed that social media played a big role for people who are moving homes. The research was also able to record the conversion data showing the purchases that people make months or days before they have to move. This is a useful tool for marketers if they want to help people by offering their products such as home insurance and cardboard boxes – only a few of the things people need when they move. A decade ago, this would not have been possible without mobile phones and social media platforms where telemarketers get the chance to connect with people.

The survey revealed that over half of the participants are moving from one city to another but within the same country while 20 per cent of them are moving from one country to another. Those who are living in Britain are the ones with the lowest chance of moving to another country with only 15 per cent compared to the UAE where 32 per cent of participants said that they are planning to move to a new country, the same with Poland where the rate is 20 per cent.

People who are moving use online resources by utilizing applications, blogs, social media, digital maps and search engines. They also use the internet to find packing boxes online where there are cheap deals and even free ones.