Honda Displays Prototype Of Electric Dirt Bike And Electric Delivery Scooter

At the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Honda unveiled two of its latest bikes – the CR Electric dirt bike and the Benly Electric delivery scooter. Even if Honda is a powerhouse in motorsport with Honda motorcycles being sold all over the world, the company has not made much progress on the 2-wheeled EV front. It seems that the trend is changing because of the two new Honda EV models.

Honda’s new CR Electric dirt bike prototype looks like it has the same frame as Honda CRF450 and the same inverted Showa suspension fork and off road tires. However, the prototype is different from the standard CRF450 because it is 100% electric. The twin-spare aluminium frame that is typical in Honda’s CRF line of dirt bikes now supports an electric motor instead of the standard ICE power plant.

Honda has not shared any details or power figures and nobody knows how many kW the motor is capable of. The motor is not exactly a Honda part because it is produced by Mugen, a company that Honda has worked with in the past years. Mugenis known for its Shinden electric race bikes that competed in the Isle of Man electric races.

The Benly Electric delivery scooter has 110cc engine and electric motor swap. It is powered by the same batteries that can are found in the larger Honda PCX Electric maxi scooter. An important feature of the electric delivery bike is its swappable battery.

Swappable battery means that the rider can keep the scooter running nearly indefinitely without the need to stop by a gas station. There are battery swap stations or individual spare batteries on single charges available in the delivery depot. The spare batteries will allow the scooter to be back on the street without the need to stop for charging.

The electric dirt bike and delivery scooter are just prototypes and not undergoing production. However, if it is Honda motorcycles that you are interested in, visit the website for new and used Honda motorcycles and scooters. You can check the different models available before you visit the dealership in Leicester and Peterborough areas.