Home Decorators Are Out For Wall Art In Homes

No so long ago, only homes of serious art collectors tended to be the places to find bold artworks hanging on walls. Everyone had settled for something simpler to complement the colour of the living room space. So today, we’re hanging a larger piece of wall art to create a major impact.

According to a New York Dineen Architecture + Design’s Alyson Liss-Pobiner, “social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and online forums like Dezeen and Core77 have made it easier for online users to find and share pictures with those things that they love.”

“I’m really happy with how we can utilize Instagram to share our artworks and images we find interesting, inspiring and most beautiful,” she adds. “As a result, our designer projects have turned to be more reachable to a larger part of the audience.”

According to Drake Anderson Interior’s principal Caleb Anderson, a room is incomplete without wall art hanging on walls.

“These pieces of artworks can define one’s personality and impact their emotion,” he says. “It can draw people into the space, and connect architecture with its furnishings.”

“Try to position a large art, without being afraid of trying something new and different,” says Liss-Pobiner.

According to Brandon Quattrone and Mat Sanders of Consort Design, large scalewall art with typography is inexpensive and can add humor to the design. The duo also said in an email that, “huge, aesthetic abstract pieces can add sophistication to a room.”

They also feature kinetic mixed-media works of Los Angeles artist Matt Maust and the figurative expressionist works of Atlanta’s NG Collective Studio’s Kristen Giorgi.

Anderson offers few source suggestions too, like the Loretta Howard Gallery in Manhattan.

“Thesedescribes artists that prefer chosen approaches in an often dramatic scale. I’m drawn to colour field movements, minimalism, op art, and abstract expressionism,” he said. He further suggests New York gallery Danese/Corey for its large-scale paintings by notable artistslike Connie Fox and Larry Poons, and recommends 3-D compositions by OlafurEliasson, Matthew Solomon and Jeff Zimmerman as selections for traditional paintings on canvas.

For inexpensive pieces, Anderson recommends @60, ArtStar, Twyla and Saatchi Art.

Liss-Pobinermentioned the various galleries and websites for exploring, framing artworks and purchasing.

“Interesting wall art are also found in Etsy,” she added.