Helpful Tips To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Renovating the bathroom can have a huge impact on the curb value of the home. Choosing the right tiles is an important task in renovation. Bathroom tiles are available in a wide range of materials and designs,which makes the task of choosing tiles challenging for homeowners. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles.

Choose the tile that appeals to you

An interesting way to go through the process of choosing bathroom tiles is to first pick the tile that appeals most to you. Pick a tile that you wish to include in your bathroom design. For example, if you wished to have large stone bathroom tiles or white subway tiles at the starting of the project, pick those first. These tiles can serve as the starting point for choosing all the other tiles. Choose the rest of the tiles that complement your selection.

Do not have more than 3 different tiles

Most bathrooms have tiles as the flooring, as wall tiles in shower of tub area and the rest of the bathroom and accent tiles that act as the focal point. Start with your first selection and choose the other two tiles that complement with it. However, do not be afraid to experiment with colours and finishes.

Have only one focal point

Bathroom is usually a very small area and is a perfect space to show off your personality. However, having one focal point helps to add a wow factor to the space. Choose a great accent tile and keep the wall and floor tiles neutral or you can opt for interesting floor tiles while keeping the wall tiles simple.

Maintenance and functionality of tiles

Check the maintenance requirements of different tiles before choosing them. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are easy to clean and are low on maintenance, while natural stone tiles require regular maintenance. Bathrooms tend to be humid and moist, choose tiles that can withstand these conditions. Choose floor tiles that are skid free and offer protection while walking with wet feet.

Consider the scale

The latest trend of using large stone bathroom tiles is catching up with homeowners. If you wish to have these tiles, choose large size tiles for either the wall or the floor and choose smaller tiles of the same stone for the other area.