Harley-Davidson To Release Most Affordable Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson is trying its luck in the small capacity motorbike department after it has officially announced at the beginning of 2019 that it is going to release a new motorcycle which is going to make history for the brand as it will be the smallest they will manufacture. Some fans are already getting excited and have visited motorbike clothing shops to stock up on their gear in preparation for the release.

In order to make this product a possibility, Harley has partnered with Qianjang Motorcycle, a manufacturer based in China. The new bike has a 338 cc capacity and it will be a naked type of motorcycle. The company in China will be handling the manufacturing because the nation is known as the largest auto markets on Earth. The motorcycles will then be exported to selected countries and one of them is India.

The render image has already been unveiled by Harley to give consumers a glimpse of the 338 cc motorbike. The design follows that of a street-naked model of motorcycle, a concept that is far from the motorcycles that Harley has manufactured since the beginning.

According to the president of Harley-Davidson who is also the chief executive officer, Matt Levatich, the 338 cc motorbike is going to be the most affordable from their product list. He said that the goal of Harley ever since was to inspire every rider in the planet, therefore, in line with their More Roads initiative they have decided to offer a cheaper alternative for freedom. People will be able to get to more places and in a variety of ways aside from the way they are used to.

He added that they are excited with the venture because they know many Chinese riders will be converted to the brand. This is also a new path they are taking in order to take on the biggest motorcycle markets in the world.

China riders can now purchase from motorbike clothing shops for their gears because the new 338 cc will launched before the end of next year. Other Asian countries might be able to get their hands on the motorbike before 2021 ends.