Google Page Experience Update Started Rolling Out

On June 15, 2021, Google started rolling out their page experience update, which they note will take a bit; it’s expected to complete rolling out by the end of August 2021.

Google announced the roll out on that day, saying that the update is slowly rolling out, with Top Stories having started using the signal the day immediately after the announcement.

What the update means for search rankings is that Google will now start looking at page experience signals to rank sites and determine how sites rank and what goes into the top stories carousel and section.

The update itself isn’t expected to be too big, and so is its accompanying effect on Google Search rankings. This is due to the aforementioned slow rollout, as well as the relatively small size of the update. Google stated that while the update is designed to highlight pages on the internet that offer standout experiences for users on their engine, it only considers that as one of the factors that they take into account when ranking pages, and, as such, drastic changes to rankings are unlikely.

For Mid-June, the rollout will result in the following changes:

  • AMP badge removal and will no longer be needed for Google News
  • Page experience badges will continue testing as the rollout happens
  • Top Stories carousel will now include all news content that’s been properly vetoed by Google as per their News Content policies and guidelines

Google reiterates that rankings and king kong SEO reviews won’t be affected too much by this update as it’s not a core update like the one coming out in July.