From Grandma’s Special Sweaters For The Holidays To Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is less than 6 months away but for early shoppers, July is the perfect time to buy gifts. You wouldn’t believe it but has started their marketing promotions to encourage people to buy the ugly sweaters and Christmas pajamas for their yearly gift-giving tradition.

Aside from lights, Santa Claus, trees and mistletoes, one of the aspects of Christmas is ugly Christmas sweaters. This piece of clothing used to be grandma’s special sweater for the holidays with jingle bells embroidered on it or a giant Christmas tree covering the whole front. Grandma’s sweaters were knitted and not mass produced. The sweaters were unique and a nice brand of clothing.

During grandma’s time, the sweaters were not called ugly Christmas sweaters but traditional holiday sweaters. Teachers and family members begun wearing the sweaters and soon enough television personalities and celebrities were wearing them, too.

Hallmark Christmas specials feature romantic couples with athletic bodies wearing the ugly sweater. The fashion world decided to embrace the uniqueness and tradition of the sweaters. Aside from making you warm and comfortable during the holidays, the ugly sweater can be an ice-breaker when meeting the in-laws during the holiday.

Because of the growth of this fashion fad, the clothing industry realized that ugly Christmas sweaters can provide them an opportunity to gain more revenue during the holiday season. Aside from Walmart that is offering a variety of mass-produced ugly Christmas sweaters, large clothing chains are also taking advantage of the sweater’s popularity.

Most people are now buying the horrendous sweaters from department stores and online retailers. Since, knitting is an art craft; some make their own personalized sweaters. If you are joining a contest for the ugliest Christmas sweater, ask grandma to knit you one. She knows how to create an uglier sweater than those being sold in the market.

Visit for sweaters with Santa Claus, reindeers and elves designs. There are also other designs inspired by Star Wars or football. Those in a relationship can opt for the matching couples theme or sweaters that complete each other. You can be as funny and hilarious as you like when you attend one of the Ugly Christmas sweater office parties.