Foot Care Tips For Diabetic Patients

Foot problems are common occurrence in patients suffering from diabetes. Patients suffering from diabetes should consult a professional podiatrist at least once in a year. Studies prove that diabetic patients who are under regular watch of a certified podiatrist along with other healthcare professionals, cut down the risk of hospitalization and amputation because of diabetes related conditions drastically. Diabetic patients should watch their feet closely and consult a podiatrist immediately, if they notice any changes or experience pain.

Diabetes can cause serious complications in the legs and feet. Some common foot conditions like calluses, athletes foot, dry skin and skin fissures can lead to serious complications in diabetic patients. Keeping a close watch on the feet and consulting a professional podiatrist in Banks town regularly can help diabetic patients to avoid complications.

Some of the foot care tips advised by professional podiatrist in Banks town, for people suffering from diabetes are

  1. Diabetes patients should never walk without appropriate foot wear. Walking barefoot may result in unnecessary injuries which may lead to serious complications.
  2. Persons suffering with diabetes should inspect their feet closely. Check the toes, area in between the toes, soles of the feet and heel area. If they are unable to inspect the feet on their own, they can take help from friends or family members.
  3. The area between the toes should be allowed to dry well. Any build-up of moisture in this area may result in developing infections like athletes foot.
  4. Moisturize the feet and legs daily using a good quality moisturizer.
  5. Diabetic patients should not use heating pads and hot water bottles on the feet and legs.
  6. Inspect shoes regularly and look out for foreign objects, torn seams and nail edges. Change damaged shoes or get them repaired.
  7. Always wear socks or stockings, when using shoes. It is not advisable to use rubber bands to hold the socks and stockings.
  8. Diabetic patients should not use home remedies or try to cut the corns and calluses at home using sharp objects. They should consult experienced podiatrist in Banks town for any foot related issues and minor surgeries. Using over the counter medication for corns may prove dangerous for diabetic patients.
  9. Diabetic patients should quit smoking. Smoking impairs circulation in legs and feet and may lead to serious complications.
  10. Patients should not ignore any redness in feet or other signs of infection. Minor infections turn into serious issues when not treated properly. Diabetics should consult an experienced podiatrist in Banks town for proper diagnosis and treatment of foot related conditions.