Five Factors That Help You Choose The Right Size Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle of the right size is very important for the safety of the rider. They should choose a motorcycle with the right seat size, weight and engine capacity. Motorcycles are available in a range of engine capacities and sizes. However, most of the buyers are confused about choosing the right size that matches with their skill sets, personality and requirements.

Here are some factors that will help you to choose Honda motorbikes of the right size.


Buyers should first determine the purpose of buying the motorcycle. Motorcycles are designed for specific purposes. For example, cruiser bikes and standard Honda motorbikes are ideal to navigate the busy city roads, sports bikes are suitable to race at super speeds and touring bikes with accessories like windscreens, stereo systems, saddle bags are best for long distance riding. The engine, suspension and chassis design of the motorcycle depends on their purpose.


Choose a motorcycle depending on the distance, you need to commute on a daily basis. If you want a bike for regular commute within the city, choose a lightweight and fuel efficient bike. On the other hand, if you want the bike for long distance riding, invest in a heavy motorcycle with large fuel tank and high engine power.

Engine size

Motorcycles with high engine capacities are hard to control. They have great power and need a lot of expertise to ride. The Honda motorbikes with an engine capacity of more than 600 cc are heavy and powerful while the ones with less than 600 cc are light and easy to control.

Riding skills

The expertise and experience of the rider play an important role in choosing a motorcycle. The motorcycles with higher engine capacity have high power and are hard to control for beginners with no riding experience. Beginners should opt for motorbikes that are below 600 cc, to enjoy a smooth and easy ride.


Buyers should take test rides of a few selected models to determine whether it is of the right height. The rider should be able to touch the ground comfortably with both his feet while being seated on the bike. Most of the modern Honda motorbikes have adjustable suspension and can be easily altered to suit the height of the rider.