Fines Don’t Matter- Women Continue To Buy Bikini In Australia

When it’s scorching hot due to the summer season especially in Australia where temperatures can rise up as high as 40 degrees Celsius on the minimum, the first place most people would want to go aside from ice cream parlours and air-conditioned malls in the big city, is the beach. Sure, let’s just say for the sake of the argument that yes, going to the malls is cooler and so is indulging yourself in some sweet ice creams. But nothing comes closer to the kind of coolness that taking a swim at the beach can give someone who wants to escape the summer heat even if for a few hours. And even though most of the beaches in the world are usually jam-packed with beach lovers and vacationists, that doesn’t stop people, especially women to buy bikini in Australia and then wear it at the beach. In fact, wearing bikinis has been accepted as normal especially to men because like it or not, it would inappropriate if you see someone, a lady for example, who is wearing a t-shirt while swimming at the calm sea. To be more specific, it’s funny and it doesn’t look good even for fellow women.


Just last January of 2017 when the summer season in Australia was at its peak form, it was observed and reported that there was a significant rise in the number of women who buy bikini in Australia that is skimpier and wear it all while walking and swimming in the beaches of Australia. And, they don’t seem to be bothered by the possibility of having to pay hefty fees that would reach up to 1,100 Australian Dollars due to wearing inadequate swimwear precisely because of the intense heat that they were feeling back then.  As it turned out, even the authorities in the country were relaxed about the strict enforcement for the said legislation. In fact, some beach officials said that there hasn’t been fines issued to those who violated the said legislation in years. In addition to this people who were at the beach and seeing those women who are wearing skimpier swimsuits that some were almost topless, didn’t seem to be bothered or offended in any way possible.