Facts About The New Vespa

Motorcycles have rapidly evolved through the years with different exciting and amazing models and features. In today’s age of advanced technology, one can expect a fast turnover of motorbike models with more sophisticated facets. This leads to more motorbike aficionados that enjoy the fascinating feeling of owning a new motorbike.

Today, we have an amazing new Vespa in the market which has captured the attention of bikers. It is an Italian scooter which means “wasp” or an insect under the Hymenoptera group that is not an ant nor a bee. It is not just a simple scooter. It is an elegant Italian icon with over 16 million units manufactured by Piaggioand famous worldwide. For more than five decades now, millions of people have been fascinated by its amazing Italian elegance and style. It is used as a personal transport and is synonymous to freedom.

The largest market of the Vespa in the world is Italy with the United Kingdom as the second largest consumer in the global market. There were some 2,500 units sold by Piaggio in 1947, more than 10,000 in the year 1948, in 1949 were 20,000 units, and more than 60,000 units in 1950. This is so amazing! Hollywood was the biggest sales deal.

There were Vespa clubs that appeared throughout Europe and in 1952, the global Vespa Club members were more than 50,000. The Vespa has evolved through the years with various improvements created to the original design and many new Vespa models were introduced.

There are several new Vespa models in 2018 namely Vespa:

  • GTS 300
  • Primavera 50
  • Sprint 150
  • Touring GTS 300
  • Primavera 150
  • SeiGiorni 300
  • GTS Super 300 Sport
  • Sprint 50
  • GTS Super 300
  • Primavera Touring 150

Vespa scooters were marketed all over North America and Europe. It also had its production and manufacturing outside Italy such as the countries of India, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Spain, and the Soviet Union.

Vespa has historic models, recent, as well as current models which caught the excitement of many people. Its development has made the motorcycle industry more competitive for consumers to choose the best price deals.