Excinere Tiles From Volcanic Ash

In order to ensure that the renovation project will add value to the property, choose floor tiles for sale that can add character and personality to a room. Do not go for the cheap tiles even if you are on a budget because a potential buyer will assume that the renovation was done haphazardly. Choose based on quality even if the tiles are more expensive.

The 3-year project that will transform ash from Mount Etna into tiles for Dzek, an architectural materials company is collaboration between Mount Etna and Formafantasma. Volcanic ash from Mount Etna is the grainy aftermath of molten lava that is a product of volcanic eruption. After the lava is thrust from the volcano’s crater to the atmosphere, it cools into jagged particles of rocks, minerals and obsidian glass before it falls down to earth.

Basalt and pumice are the rocky masses that have been formed by rivers of terrestrial lava which were mined for centuries as building blocks. Volcanic ash is non-uniform material but Formafantasma and Dzek saw the opportunity to create tiles.

Chemical tests have revealed non-reactive porcelain tiles with glaze can be created with melted volcanic ash. At the Dzek factory, there are botched batches of tiles that have exploded to pieces after removal from the kiln due to moisture imbalance. On one side are the successful tiles that are calledExcinere, the Latin word for “from the ashes.”

The tiles will be produced in large quantities to cover a section of walls, ceilings and floors including columns, cubes, tables and architectural forms. Because of the high percentage of the ash’s iron content, a range of browns were created. Pastels and other artificial coloursare being considered because they are more like life. They can bring back quality in architecture which is non-uniformity in colour.

People are often scared to add their personality in the home improvement project because the buyer might consider it distasteful. However, if you will carefully choose from floor tiles for sale you will be able to show some flair and good taste. There are gorgeous tiles with the highest quality that will create the outcome you desire.