Enjoy Your Wedding Day -Hire A Wedding Coordinator

Finally, you have set a wedding date. It is time to hire an on-the-day coordinator for the planning, organization and finalization of all details. When you hire a wedding planner, you can enjoy the big day to its fullest because someone else will be doing all hard work. However, you are still part of the team because everything needs your decision because it can push through.

Tips to enjoy the best moment of your life

  1. You have hired a professional photographer and videographer. Leave your phone behind; you can reply to texts and return calls after the ev
  2. Remember to eat and drink lots of water particularly if the wedding will be held in summer. Don’t forget to take some snacks because you may not get the chance to eat later.
  3. If you did not hire a wedding planner, hire an on-the-day coordinator so that you will not be worrying about the caterer showing up late or whether the table arrangement you requested was followed. There are many advocates in hiring a wedding planner because it is definitely worth the expense.
  4. Don’t make the effort to manage the designers for the venue, the catering staff and the flower arrangers because they are professionals in their own field. You have hired them for their skills and experience; let them do their job.
  5. Tipping vendors is not compulsory but it will be appreciated. After a job well done, place some money in labelled envelopes and recruit somebody trustworthy enough to hand the envelopes to the vendors after the event.
  6. Do not concern yourself with small stuff. For example, if it starts raining, it is beyond your power to stop nature. Take it in stride if the flight of your favourite aunt was delayed. Large events always have small hiccups; don’t stress yourself on things you can’t do anything about.

It may be a last minute decision but is definitely worth to hire an on the day coordinator in Sydney to oversee your wedding day. They will do the legwork so that you can relax and prepare yourself for the romantic event.