ELD Manufacturers Calling On Fleets To Prepare For Canadian Mandate

Canada’s ELD mandate is a big change for the logistics industry in the country, as it requires fleets to have properly-certified electronic logging devices on their trucks. Logistics firms like Titans Transline have been working on getting mandate-compliant ELDs for their fleets, though some aren’t taking the matter too seriously.

ELD manufacturers, however, have called for logistics fleets to prepare for the mandate, regardless of the full enforcement date of June 2022. They issued this statement on the CTA-ran online town hall presentation April 1, 2021.

CTA Senior VP of Policy Geoff Wood stated that the sooner logistics firms like Titans Transline and their fleets to start installing mandate-compliant ELDs in order to make the transition smoother.

The mandate, which will start out limited to federally regulated carriers, requires ELDs that have been certified by FPInnovations, the Canadian government’s chosen third-party certification body. The issue, however, is that FPInnovations have yet to certifiy a device.

Suppliers that participated in the CTA’s webinar emphasized how important it was for fleets to get ELDs as soon as possible, to answer questions before the mandate’s full enforcement.

There are some exceptions, according to Isaac Instruments’ Compliance and Safety Specialist; Melanie Simard, noting how carriers running within 160km of a base, short-term equipment rentals below 30 days, and equipment that was manufactured before MY 2000.

Atrrix’s Anthony Mainville said that fleets in Canada should learn from the past, and avoid the problems fleets in the US faced when a lot of logistics groups waited until the last minute to prepare for the ELD mandate.

Mainville appealed to fleets, asking them to imagine how nervous drivers will be during their first roadside inspection with an ELD, saying that getting these devices installed as soon as possible will give the drivers some early experience out in the field and assuage their fears.

Additionally, there’ll also be time for the drivers and the support teams behind them to get used to the ELDs and how they operate, which requires both training and time.

Suppliers also noted that equipment updates can be done even after deployment.

Omnitracs VP of Regulatory Affairs Mike Ahart also noted how not all US ELD vendors will invest the $50,000 needed to get a device certified in Canada.