Eight Hair Care Tips Suggested BY Professional Hair Stylists For A Healthy Mane

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. Your hairstyle plays an important role in accentuating the best features of your face. Selecting the right hairstyle that suits your personality and lifestyle is very important. However, a healthy hair care routine is essential to maintain your crowning glory in its best condition.

Most of the hair salons in Bondi recommend regular visits to the stylists for special treatments for damaged hair. Here are some simple tips to care of your hair at home

  1. Oil your hair before shampoo. It helps to pre-condition the hair. Oiling the hair with coconut, olive or almond oils helps to improve the blood circulation to the scalp and makes the hair healthy.
  2. Use lukewarm or cool water to wash your hair. Very hot water strips the natural moisturisers on the scalp and makes the hair brittle and dry.
  3. Use natural shampoos and conditioners without harsh chemicals. Professional stylists at hair salons in Bondi recommend using conditioners on your hair, every time after using the shampoo. Use the conditioner only on the ends to avoid product build up on the scalp.
  4. Blow dry your hair only after it is seventy percent dry. Expert hair stylists at hair salons in Bondi, prefer towel drying the hair first before using blowers.
  5. Use wide toothed brushes to comb your hair. Detangle your hair from ends to the roots. This will lessen the breakage of hair strands.
  6. Always wear a head scarf or a hat while venturing out in the sun, to limit exposure to harsh sunlight and pollution. Use hair sunscreen to protect your tresses from the harmful ultraviolent rays. Venturing out immediately after oiling or washing your hair, will make dirt stick on the hair.
  7. Use the products recommended by your hair stylist. They have knowledge about the right products to suit your hair style and texture. Using these products regularly will protect your hair from damage and also make it healthy.
  8. Avoid heat styling your hair, as much as possible. Limit the use of heat styling to one or two times a week. Stylists at hair salons in Bondi recommend using heat protectant serums before using straighteners or curling tools.