Early Quality Preschool Education To Improve School Readiness For Australian Children

According to research, investing in early childhood education is critical to communities to become globally competitive, improve the outcomes of health and education and reduce poverty and the number of crimes. Because they believe that early childhood education plays a key role in a child’s future, Star Bright Montessori is open for children with the innate ability and desire to learn.

Before the elections in Australia, Labor campaigns included early childhood policies including 15 hours of funded preschool for every 3-year old in Australia and $4 billion for child subsidies. Meanwhile, the Coalition only mentioned a little about early childhood reform. However, they put in place a reformed set of childcare subsidies that were enforced in July 2018 to benefit low income families.

Australia is still far from having an early childhood sector that can provide what children and families need. Evidences to the benefits that can be gained from quality preschool have been established but the Coalition has only committed to another 12 months of funding for 4-year old preschoolers. There is lack of long term investment on quality preschool.

The first national partnership agreement on 4-year old preschool funding in 2009 has improved school readiness among Australian children. Ongoing funding could improve efficiency in the preschool provision because providers will have the opportunity to plan ahead. Better long term learning can also be expected if children can access quality early childhood services during their early age.

Different models of preschool for 3-year olds are emerging in Australia. Victoria has a subsidized preschool for 3-year olds in all settings including long daycare. In NSW, funding is limited only to community preschools. Other jurisdictions across Australia are targeting additional support for preschool to 3-year olds. Meanwhile, the federal government has to keep an eye out to the relative costs and benefits that may arise from the different models of preschools.

The best opportunities for children to thrive are delivered by Star Bright Montessori for children ages 0 to 6. Children are like sponges in absorbing information from the environment. The school ensures that the environment is safe, nourishing and enriching to build the children’s cognitive, social and emotional skills.