Deceased Pets Can Now Have A Resting Place

Lynn Donaldson experienced the pain of losing her pet when Crystal passed away six months ago. Crystal is a mix breed of shih tzu and bichon and is white and fluffy. Donaldson gave Crystal as a gift to her daughter on her birthday.

Donaldson shared that she got a divorce when her daughter was only seven years old so it was just the two of them along with the company of Crystal. The three of them did everything like a family.

Crystal is known at Donaldson Ropes for being the friendly office dog. The office is based in West First Street’s business park near the Fell Avenue. Just across the office is the pet memorial centre called Until We Meet Again. The staffs there are also close to Crystal because of the everyday walks they take around the complex.

It was in September when Crystal died while sleeping inside the office. Donaldson shared that Crystal was behind her sleeping while she was working.

Donaldson instinctively knew where to take Crystal and that when she walked across the office to the pet memorial centre. Kelsey Speck met her as soon as she saw who it is.

She was amazed by how Speck handled Crystal as if she was her own pet and the gesture was comforting for the grieving owner.

Until We Meet Again was founded by Kevin Woronchak exactly 10 years ago because of a similar tragedy. He lost three of his beloved pets in just a span of one week.

The memorial’s official greeter is a black cat named Daisy. They have a quiet room wherein the grieving owner can have a private sanctuary while spending last few moments with their pets.

Next to the quiet room is the reflection room which is tranquil and calming. It has its own fountain, stones as well as flowers. This is where the grieving owners meet with the employees of Until We Meet Again to discuss about the final arrangements.

There are many memorial products available to be purchase such as pet urns which costs between $10 and $200 with different size and materials.

Cremation jewellery in Perth is common for human remains but here, they have an option to put the ashes of their pets into arts or jewellery too.