Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

In the age of digital, there’s a lot of trust put into online reviews. Consequently, they’re quite powerful, and negative ones can really hurt a business, which is why businesses work to keep those 5-star ratings.

But the truth is, negative reviews are inevitable; they’re the cost of doing business. It’s not a matter of avoiding them, but knowing how to deal with them. While it can be hard to take criticism at times, this is an opportunity to foster growth and trust for the business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling online reviews.

Be quick

People tend to post negative reviews soon after their negative experience, meaning that the event was recent.

Naturally, you’ll want to act fast and reply as quick as possible as a moral and pragmatic decision.

Be thoughtful

All reviews are useful, all feedback critical, even the negative.

Negative reviews give your organization/brand/company a look at what aspects need improvement, especially with regards to daily customer experiences. To that end, show some appreciation for customers taking their time to communicate with your brand.

It’s just business

And by that we mean, don’t take it personally. Handle negative online reviews professionally, and keep things civil.

You might think you have a lot to lose from an online review, and you do, but you can also gain a lot by being professional.

Deal with the issue

Customers leave reviews because they want to be heard; they want to know their opinion matters and that they have an impact on brands and businesses. When they drop king kong agency reviews, they do so hoping it actually leads to change.

That is the key behind ‘getting’ online reviews. When someone posts an online review, let them know that your brand acknowledges what they said. If it’s a negative review, address the issue mentioned ASAP and show this to the customers.

Remember that every review is useful.