Cutting-Edge Technology In The Dental Implant Process

Even when presented with different options to replace missing teeth, patients still choose dental implants in Reading because it is a safe and more advanced treatment with long lasting results. Dental implant which is usually made from titanium is inserted into the jawbone to integrate and fuse with the natural bone.

One of the cutting-edge technologies used in the dental implant process is computer guided implant surgery. The technology involves the use of a 3D X-ray scan during the initial consultation to accurately, precisely and predictably visualize the existing bone.

After the 3D scan, an intra-oral digital or conventional impression is taken. The 3D scan will be overlapped with the intra-digital impression during the planning phase to gain a visual replica of the patient’s mouth. Implants can be virtually placed by using medical device software.

After a virtual implant has been positioned, a surgical guide will be generated to allow the dentist to place the implant on the planned position without any incision or suture. This will ensure post-operative comfort for the patient.

When 3D-guided surgery is used in placing the implant on the jawbone, best results are usually achieved. Guided surgery allows the dentist to perform the procedure in advance on a 3D model before it is done on the patient to avoid mistakes and achieve the best outcome. Mistakes that can affect the final results can be avoided.

However, there are also important considerations that need to be taken into account before deciding on dental implant. An ideal patient for dental implant must have good general and oral health. The patient must have adequate bone in the jaw to support the implant with healthy gums that are free from any periodontal diseases. The dentist will create a treatment plan based on the patient’s specific condition to achieve the desired treatment goals.

Innovative techniques are used in dental implants in Reading so that the best and safest results can be delivered. Dental implants are recognized as the standard of care for tooth replacement by most of the leading dental organizations across the world. Healthy teeth are not disturbed during the process and the custom-made crown is created to match the existing natural teeth.