Customer Reviews As “No Cost” Advertising

There is a saying that nothing in life is free. However, when it comes to advertising, the saying is not true because a customer review is a “no cost” solution to amplify that positive word-of-mouth. A favourable review from a happy customer will not only drive new sales; it can powerfully counteract any reputation issues.

How to use customer reviews in marketing

  • Consumers want social proof of compelling experiences. Trust can be built by highlighting the experiences of current customers in the homepage and other high-traffic pages like product, pricing, checkout, or post-click landing pages. Visitors will read at least 10 reviews before they are encouraged to make a purchase.
  • Search engines do not just rank pages based on how the listing is optimized. They monitor what people are saying about the business. Reviews from customers are fresh new content that can be acquired on a regular basis to improve visibility on search engines.
  • An undecided visitor can be converted into a customer through customer reviews in social media channels. Consumers research brands on social media and monitor what other people say about the product or service. Showcasing customer feedback on social media platforms will help increase trust and credibility, boost engagement and grow the company’s bottom line.

A digital marketing agency believes that king kong SEO reviews are more trustworthy than paid advertisements. It is easy to see how star ratings, reviews, and testimonials get four times more click-through rates than other forms of advertising. Consumers read reviews and they usually base the purchase decision on the personal experience of others.