Crimes Can Force Businesses To Close Down Or Relocate

In many instances, assault arises due to disputes that escalate between two or more people. When the police pursue charges, the accused has to hire an assault lawyer to resolve the allegation without a criminal record. In places where crimes like assault and battery frequently happens, businesses start to be afraid and are sometimes forced to close down.

Business owners are leaving the Central Business District across KwaZulu-Natal in droves because they are afraid of the high incidences of crime. Aside from crime, businesses are disappointed with the dilapidated infrastructures, poor services and failure to deliver the necessary services. It is expected that municipalities will be hit hard because business exodus could deprive them of much needed revenue from taxes.

Business organizations are calling on the government to address the issues in order to reverse the growing trend. Acting mayor of Durban, Fawzia Peer will oversee the demolition of 3 derelict buildings along Mahatma Ghandi Road node that has become the den of drug addicts, brothels and vagrants.

Palesa Phili, chief executive of Durban’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry fears that if crime continues it will negatively impact businesses. The chamber wants to reduce office vacancies through more support from local government for businesses within the inner city.  Durban’s inner city will become attractive to businesses if crime and grime is reduced with improved amenities and infrastructure.

Crime has resulted into businesses closing down or moving. This trend must be reversed but entrepreneurs no longer feel that is viable to operate a business in the capital. An established shelving and furniture business in Pietermaritzburg has reached the point where it has to close down or relocate because it making less than 50% of the revenue that it used to generate. His stores are being targeted by criminals and they are losing clients. Aside from financial losses, they have to spend more for security.

If you are accused of assault and have decided to hire an assault lawyer, make sure that he has the necessary experience and expertise with assault laws. Experience means that the lawyer has handled several assault and battery cases with favorable outcomes.